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Success is seldom a solo act. Nowhere is this truer than in personal, family, and enterprise financial strategies. Given the complex, high-stakes nature of what we do, we have assembled a team of more than 190 advisors and specialists, over 100 active brokers, dozens of staff, and a network of resources and support across 14 offices all over the state of Florida.


Client Centered

Achieving financial success does not always simplify life. In fact, affluence generally increases the complexity of the decision-making process. The greater one’s wealth, the more time and knowledge must be invested in maintaining its growth, protection and ultimate distribution.

Attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers & financial planners can offer invaluable advice, but because most offer services independent of one another, it is often up to their clients to sift through the individual recommendations, evaluating each to determine which are the most appropriate.

The ideal solution is a wealth management firm that can help define & achieve each client’s unique, long-term goals through a comprehensive, holistic program of investments, tax planning, asset allocation, risk management, insurance, retirement planning & estate planning.

Jeremy and his team at Coastal Wealth help provide that solution in an independent, objective & integrated fashion. A single-source wealth management firm for successful executives, affluent individuals, business owners, medical doctors & the those in the Marine industry, Coastal Wealth provides oversight & strategic management of every aspect of clients` financial lives. Most clients retain Coastal to be their Financial Life Manager, coordinating all aspects of their financial lives, including retirement planning, asset management, risk management, estate planning, insurance, children’s college education & more.