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Meet the Planning Solutions Group

Comprehensive Advice and Support

Comprehensive Advice and Support

The PSG is a collection of product and concept specialists whose sole purpose is to help grow your practice.  As advisors you’re responsible for business acquisition, business development, case diagnosis and case design, keeping up with markets and product development, service work, paperwork, trying to obtain referrals, and professional development.  There are a lot of jobs that advisors have to do and not an unlimited amount of time to do it.  This is where the PSG can help

Our Planning Solutions Group is staffed by a professional team of para-planners, product line professionals, and financial planners who work together in a “think tank” format to help you maximize your wealth potential.

In today’s world of challenging markets, you want to be confident you’re making the right decisions for your financial future. Whether you want to optimize your investments or create a trust for your loved ones, building a successful wealth management strategy requires a full financial road map that considers your goals and risk tolerance. That way, you can preserve, grow and distribute your wealth — with a plan that fits your comfort level and vision for the future.

How PSG Can Help

Tharp, D. (2018).&#160; How financial planners actually do financial planning.&#160; <i>The Kitces Report</i>, 2, 1-31.&#160;

Michael Kitches did a study in 2018 – its available on his blog Nerd’s Eye View – through 1,000+ surveys of his readership, he determined that advisors actually spend a minority of their time in high revenue generating activities – being face to face with clients and in business development.  On average over 1/3rd of an advisor’s week is spent in case diagnosis, design, and financial planning.  Here is where the PSG can help.  I’ve always lived under the maxim that there are $50/hour jobs, $200/hour jobs, and $500/hour jobs.  The $50/hour jobs are administrative, the $200/hour jobs are the case diagnosis, design, and financial planning.  The $500/hour jobs are client facing and business development. If a typical advisor work week is 50 hours and fully 1/3rd is spend doing $200/hour jobs, if the PSG can help to eliminate those from your week, and you can replace them with $500/hour jobs you’ve just added potentially another $4,500 a week to your income. 

The PSG collectively has over 130 years of experience in the financial services industry.  We’ve seen it all – the 2000 tech crash, the 2008 financial crisis, and similar experiences to what we’re going through now (think of SARS, MERS, H1N1, Avian Bird Flu, and Ebola). 

Graph on the left was provided by Tharp, D. (2018).  How financial planners actually do financial planning.  The Kitces Report, 2, 1-31. 

Personal Wealth Navigation

Clients hire Coastal Wealth advisers to help coordinate their total financial life.

Coastal Wealth is a Wealth Management firm that offers a full-range of financial solutions serving the needs of high net-worth individuals, families and companies. Since many of our clients receive advice from multiple sources (CPA, attorney, stockbroker, private banker, insurance agent, etc.), they ask us to take a leading role coordinating the advice.  Our financial planning platform allows us to seamlessly integrate your entire financial life into a comprehensive plan giving you confidence that all your assets are working towards your goal.

Our Personal Financial View platform allows us to streamline the financial planning process. It provides a single platform where we can advise clients on virtually all their financial matters:

Financial Planning

To create a financial plan that best suits your needs, we take the time to understand your goals and values and then develop strategies to help protect and preserve wealth. No matter where you are in life, we can provide guidance, tools, and solutions to help you prepare for life’s uncertainties.

Risk Management

Because asset protection, risk management and insurance are critical elements in any financial plan, we review your insurance portfolio regularly and identify the best strategies to help meet your changing needs. We offer a range of insurance solutions from term or permanent life to disability income and long-term care insurance to help protect you from the unexpected.

Estate, Gift & Trust Planning

Estate, gift and trust planning is more than wealth transfer upon death. Integrated estate planning considers your goals and values for a tax efficient disposition of your assets during life and beyond.

Education Planning

A college education is one of the most valuable gifts you can give a child, but it can also be one of the most expensive. Coastal Wealth advisers can help you plan for those expensive bills, without sacrificing other important financial goals.

Budgeting & Expense Management

Understanding the relationship between your financial commitments and your cash flow will help us prescribe budgeting scenarios best suited for you and your lifestyle.

Account Aggregation

Our account aggregation service allows you to store all your financial account information in one on-line virtual vault easing the burden from going to multiple sites to view your complete financial life.


Our Unique Process

Client Centered

Finding the right solution for your personal or business goals requires us to pay attention to the circumstances of your unique situation. Our six-step process is designed to ensure you get on course and remain on course to achieving your goals.

  • Identify. Before we recommend any product or service, ask questions and get to know you and your unique situation and goals.
  • Gather Information. Once we have a clear understanding of your goals, we gather documents and other information to work out what assets and liabilities you have before giving advice
  • Analyze. After we gather information we then analyze your portfolio and policies to create our custom financial plan which is your road map to achieving your goals
  • Present Custom Plan. After analyzing, we present your custom goal-based plan which will allow you to make informed decisions.
  • Implement. Once you are satisfied and ready to be on the path to achieving your goals, we work with you to implement your strategies.
  • Accountability. Because your goals and financial situation will change over time, we continue to work with you over time through regular reviews so you can continue to meet your goals.