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Why work with the Private Client Group

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Coastal Wealth Private Client Group, a division of Coastal Wealth, provides customized life insurance solutions tailored specifically to high net worth individuals. We offer white glove service giving you access to a dedicated insurance specialist to help ensure that your insurance policy is appropriate for you. We are skilled in helping you navigate the complexities in areas like plan design, business succession and continuation planning, executive benefits, underwriting, tax strategies, and charitable giving. Whenever you're facing a complex situation or change in circumstances, The Private Client Group will coordinate personalized, professional support that's tailored to your needs.


  • Customized insurance solutions
  • Experienced team of specialists
  • Premium financing
  • Buy-sell planning
  • Key man insurance
  • Access to multiple quality carriers and products
  • Estate planning solutions
  • Charitable giving

Requirements for Client Private Group’s High Net Worth Investors  

  • Minimum net worth $5 million or above 
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Meet the Private Client Group

Alejandro Mendieta

Alejandro Mendieta

President of Coastal Wealth Private Client Group, a Division of Coastal Wealth


Chad Tourin

Chad Tourin, JD* , CPA*

President of Coastal Wealth Private Client Group, a Division of Coastal Wealth


Reed Willett

Reed Willett

Vice President - Planning Solutions Group/Investment Specialist


Anh Nguyen, CFA, MBA

Anh Nguyen, CFA, MBA

Investment Director|Financial Planner| Investment Advisor Representative


Our Unique Process

Client Centered

Finding the right solution for your personal or business goals requires us to pay attention to the circumstances of your unique situation. Our six-step process is designed to ensure you get on course and remain on course to achieving your goals.

  • Identify. Before we recommend any product or service, ask questions and get to know you and your unique situation and goals.
  • Gather Information. Once we have a clear understanding of your goals, we gather documents and other information to work out what assets and liabilities you have before giving advice
  • Analyze. After we gather information we then analyze your portfolio and policies to create our custom financial plan which is your road map to achieving your goals
  • Present Custom Plan. After analyzing, we present your custom goal-based plan which will allow you to make informed decisions.
  • Implement. Once you are satisfied and ready to be on the path to achieving your goals, we work with you to implement your strategies.
  • Accountability. Because your goals and financial situation will change over time, we continue to work with you over time through regular reviews so you can continue to meet your goals. 
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