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Navigating Uncertainty

At Coastal Wealth, our priority is helping people secure their future and protect the ones they love. Now more than ever, amid growing global health concerns, we’re taking extra steps to support one another, keep our communities safe, and help you navigate through uncertain times. Our partner MassMutual has provided you – our customers, plan sponsors, and financial professionals – with up-to-date insights on how to weather market volatility.

Here is a message from our CEO and Chairman on our strength and stability. Read more.

Promoting Healthy and Safety

MassMutual is taking appropriate action to protect the health of our employees, their families, and our community. All of our employees who have the capability to work remotely are doing so and we’ve also assured the continuity of our business operations. For more details, visit MassMutual's Business Continuity Program.

We're Here to Help


While the uncertainty and disruption we are facing in our world has been brought to new levels, we have managed through adversity for decades. And we’ll manage through this together as well. Here are some resources to help:

Crazy stock markets? Count your financial eggs
Sudden market drops point up the value of long-term investing horizons and diversification.

Protecting yourself against market fluctuations in retirement
There are alternatives that can help buffer your retirement income.

The power of perspective in turbulent times
Changing your investments can be a great idea, as long as you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Stock market changes and your investment strategy
Get insights that can help you stay true to your investment course

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your financial professional or visit our FAQs.

Plan Sponsors

Market volatility can be unnerving to you as well as your employees. Here are some valuable resources to help you guide your employees through the uncertainty:

Understanding recent market volatility and risk
Market volatility is fluid, requiring thoughtful risk management.

Is your pension plan prepared for unexpected market events?
Preparedness is key when faced with uncertainty, like the effect of a health crisis on defined benefit plans.

Read our market commentary and share the resources under “Customer” to help your employees understand more about market volatility.

MassMutual also offers virtual education meetings on specific financial topics for you and your employees. View this video to learn more.

Questions? Contact us at (800) 320-4180.

Financial Professionals

During periods of market volatility, your clients need your expertise and guidance more than ever. And it’s good to know, you’ve got help. Whether you’re a new or seasoned financial professional, MassMutual is here to support you.

Market volatility and the 4 options
We are in the midst of an exogenous shock which could be accelerating or decelerating—no one really knows.

Opportunity favors the prepared
Preparation not only can help overcome bad times, it can enable leaders to capitalize on opportunities.

Read our market commentary and ongoing market updates and insights here