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Employee Benefits

Client Centered

The importance of having benefit plans in place to encourage top talent to join the firm, stay loyal and keep the business ahead of the competition can never be overstated. This includes:

  • Offering employer-sponsored retirement plans
  • Providing selective benefit packages to top performers
  • Reviewing the ways to help manage the cost of employee benefit plans
    • Products & Solutions
      • SEP|Simple IRA|401k
      • Key Person Insurance
      • Buy Sell Agreements
      • Disability Insurance
      • Health Insurance
      • Liability Insurance
      • Workman’s Comp

Workplace Benefits 

We team up with employers to provide employee benefit solutions that can help you secure your financial future and protect the ones you love. Here are some ways we can help:


No matter how far off retirement may seem, it’s never too early — or too late — to begin preparing for your future.


Protecting the ones you love is important. So is getting protection that can meet your evolving needs. 


A critical illness – like a heart attack, stroke, or invasive cancer – can have an emotional, physical, and financial impact on you and your family. Insurance can help you spend less time worrying about finances and more time focusing on your health.


While it's impossible to completely prevent unexpected mishaps, there is a way you can be better prepared for the financial impact. Accident insurance is supplemental health insurance that can help provide you with an extra measure of financial readiness in case of injury from one of life's accidents.

*Some types of insurance may be offered by unaffiliated insurers.